Hey there!

I’m Laura Quigley and I write darkly thrilling stories, many inspired by real events. I’ve lived in South West England for a while now, bringing up the kids, but I was born in Blackpool and grew up in Australia, before returning to the UK to study drama in Liverpool and finish my MA at Warwick University.

During this time, I’ve been writing – often short stories and poems, with some lovely awards along the way; sometimes for theatre, and winning Amnesty International’s Human Rights Playwriting Award was wonderful; and most recently writing books, the latest of which is being funded by the Arts Council. (Thanks guys!)

So welcome to the new website, and huge thanks to the team at Plymouth College of Art: Jamie Wynn and Kamal Gohil, and Tristan Sephton for the illustrations.

Please check out my social media and current blog entries for the latest updates on my writing.