I know it all must seem like a mess, and Diane Abbott has just stepped down because of illness, and Theresa May seems to be on the front page everywhere today, but we have a major issue with our election here in the UK.

We have bombed Libya, and previously Iraq, and we’re probably bombing Syria right now – sorry, Syria, I’ve lost count! And we are selling arms to the Saudis, and like many places in the world, we are being attacked by terrorists, and most of the British media is refusing to see any connection between the two. So in tomorrow’s election, we are faced by two main parties with very different approaches to our security and to our economic future:

One wants to increase police numbers and improve community relations, the other wants to revoke the Human Rights Act and open up the possibility of prolonged detention without trial.

One wants to pay back the deficit quickly at the expense of the disabled and the elderly, the other wants to invest and promote economic growth.

One wants to tax the very wealthy to pay for improved security and infrastructure, the other wants to give tax breaks to the very wealthy while taking away free school meals because ‘we can’t afford it’.

One wants to go into Brexit negotiations as into a gladiatorial arena and expel all EU citizens from Britain, the other wants to leave the EU but arrange for EU citizens to still have rights in the UK.

One holds hands with Trump, the other wants to fight him.

One wants to fund our NHS and social services, the other wants to sell of the NHS and have the elderly fund their own social services.

I have deliberately not mentioned which party is which.

Meanwhile, doctors’ surgeries in my town are closing. 30% of kids in this country do not have access to a dentist. The emergency services who have been wonderful in the last two weeks are on their knees. A Muslim nurse who tended victims of the London Bridge attack was spat at in the street.

While the leaders are not getting positive press coverage, their policies are being fought over in the most significant discussions I have ever heard in the UK. The young are actually putting themselves forward as candidates in the elections! The old are seriously considering the issues rather than just judging by the newspaper headlines.

So my friend, don’t listen to Sky or Murdoch news:

This election is going very well indeed.