I’ve studied narrative for a long time now, 
and it’s disappointing to see structural
​diagrams still looking kind of like this:

These kind of diagrams may be useful when you are starting out, but as I’ve progressed, I’ve realised that I want a story that looks more like this:​

​The first act of any story shouldn’t be a flat-line, then an uphill climb through an arduous Act 2, forcing the reader to step up and up into rising action. Instead, it should comprise compelling, energetic, interweaving story strands pulling the reader up into the story, towards the Act 3 climax.

For me this story vortex is a much more useful paradigm than the step up diagram. A story should draw you in like a tornado and land you somewhere you least expected. So when I’m working with story structures, I like to work with three (and four) dimensions rather than just the two.

So how do you structure your story?

See you tomorrow.