One of my greatest challenges as a writer in a world full of great books is reaching readers who will choose to read my book. In future blog posts, I’ll be considering my relationship with my readership, but for now I just want to look at

                                    ’Who’s going to read it when I’ve finished it?’

This isn’t about promoting the finished book, though getting that right and reaching the readership is very important too. But even before I’ve started writing, I need to know why a reader might choose to read my book instead of someone else’s book. There’s a lot of books out there, so how can I write my story in such a way that a reader will see the book cover or a review, and maybe want to read the first few pages. Hopefully those first lines will convince them to keep reading, but getting that initial interest is a huge part of the success (or otherwise) of a new book. 

So to write a book, I first have to think like a reader. Why would I want to read this book?

Why do YOU chose to read a particular book? Imagine yourself in a book store or searching online, and have a go at answering the following questions. All the answers are anonymous and I will publish the results next week.

Thank you in advance, and I’ll see you tomorrow for my next “The Burning Girl” blog post on Readership.

    Looking for that next story to read…